Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Railing Lights- Burlington, Vermont

Paper Lantern- Burlington, Vermont

Pumpkins: This Way- Colchester, Vermont

 Fill Tilt- Essex, Vermont

Ferris Wheel- Essex, Vermont

 The Zipper- Essex, Vermont

Swings- Essex, Vermont

Mustang Dash- Colchester, Vermont

Chevelle- Colchester, Vermont

New Camaro- Colchester, Vermont

SS Seats- Colchester, Vermont

Untitled- Essex, Vermont

Camaro SS- Colchester, Vermont

Muscle Car Headlights- Colchester, Vermont

Flaming Mirror- Essex, Vermont

Powered by Ford- Essex, Vermont

Camaro- Essex, Vermont

Nova SS- Essex, Vermont

Bleeding Hearts- Colchester, Vermont

Untitled- Burlington, Vermont

Tea Lights- Burlington, Vermont

Special Event- Burlington, Vermont

Vermont Veterans Memorial Cemetery- Randolph Center, Vermont

St. Anthony's- Bethel, Vermont

Gears- Burlington, Vermont

Apple Blossoms- Burlington, Vermont

Burlington Sunset- Burlington, Vermont

"Take the Long Way Home"- Laconia, New Hampshire

City Hall Park- Burlington, Vermont

St. Albans Sunset- St. Albans Bay, Vermont

Shelburne Farm- Shelburne, Vermont

Shelburne Farm (2)- Shelburne, Vermont

St. Patrick's Day Fog- Colchester, Vermont

Reflection in the Lake- Colchester, Vermont

Tree in the Fog- Colchester, Vermont

Cold Hollow Tractor- Waterbury Center, Vermont

Tractor and the Mountains- Waterbury Center, Vermont

From The Bay- Colchester, Vermont

 Snowy Lane- Westford, Vermont

Brown's River Bridge- Westford, Vermont

Snowy Window- Westford, Vermont

Westford Farm- Westford, Vermont

Ice on a Rail- Colchester, Vermont

Ice on a Plant- Colchester, Vermont

Forgotten Tea and a Cupcake- Westford, Vermont

Swings- Colchester, Vermont

 Swings (2)- Colchester, Vermont

Orange Leaves- Colchester, Vermont

Leaves in the Wind- Colchester, Vermont

Untitled- Colchester, Vermont

Leaves in the Tree- Colchester, Vermont

Covered Path- Essex, Vermont

Down the Way- Essex, Vermont

Westford Town Center- Westford, Vermont

Ford 8N- Essex, Vermont

Ford 8N (2)- Essex, Vermont

Tractor Wheel- Essex, Vermont

Sunset Lane- Westford, Vermont

Camp Johnson Memorial- Colchester, Vermont

Freedom Isn't Free- Colchester, Vermont

Lights in Colchester- Colchester, Vermont

The Christmas Train- Essex, Vermont

Shelburne Sunset- Shelburne, Vermont

Waterfront Sunset- Burlington, Vermont

Silhouette in the Sunset- Burlington, Vermont

Bricks in the Rain- Burlington, Vermont

 Battery Park- Burlington, Vermont

Waterfront Tree- Burlington, Vermont

Westford Farm Sunset- Westford, Vermont

Lake Champlain Sunset- Burlington, Vermont

Candles- Essex, Vermont

Candles (2)- Essex, Vermont

Railroad- Winooski, Vermont

Railroad Spike- Winooski, Vermont

Railroad- Winooski, Vermont

Park Benches- Winooski, Vermont

Barbed Wire- Winooski, Vermont

The Flag Through the Window- Winooski, Vermont

The Flag Through the Window (2)- Winooski, Vermont 

#8- Essex, Vermont